What We Do?

  1. City Pick-up and Delivery Service – We act as the agent for our partnering carriers reducing their operating cost by reducing duplication and redundancy.
  2. Logistics – Large shippers in Edmonton can take advantage of our regional network and source one point invoicing.
  3. Consolidation – Large regional receivers can combine single BOL delivery service for daily multiple pick-up scenarios.
  4. Show Services – Complete logistic packages available.

How we do it?

Our partnering carriers gain an advantage by only paying for the city shipping services they require. Employees are paid by the hour and our route drivers are paid by the pound.


If there is no freight, there is no expense. No wasted unproductive employee hours.


Ultimately, Central Carriers provides safe, reliable equipment and personnel, while controlling cost and providing revenue for our carriers.


Clearly, our carriers have an advantage.


Who we are?

Central Carriers is a 99 door cross dock facility located in the northwest of Edmonton.


Our partnering carriers service areas in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the rest of Canada including the Northern Territories.

Central Carriers

The Competitive Advantage

Central provides advantage. It has a fleet of 27 trucks providing zoned pick-up and delivery services for the city of Edmonton. This operational process allows our carriers to have full exposure to all of the metropolitan areas of Edmonton.

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